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Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris grew up in West Texas and has lived in Dallas since 1988.  After a career in media sales, she now studies under two Dallas based painters and commits her days to working as a full time artist in her Dallas studio. Her art grew out of the day-to-day experience of a childhood in West Texas, and is cultivated by a nostalgia for the open landscape and frequent travels from the city to the coasts and the high skies of home. Her encounter with these landscapes at a young age, became the foundation of her painted spaces today.  The colors and process she uses depict the softness of nature often beginning with collected images and memories, with which she creates an entirely new place in the space of her canvas. She calls on an ethereal and process based approach to painting, which allows for alternative interpretations and abstractions.  More views of her art is available on her website.



Artist Statement : 

After more than a decade of painting my body of work typically gestures to landscape, seascape and cloudscapes. The fluid paints, tools and methods I use when pouring or using a brush often morph into an embodiment of these rather than an illustration.  I love working with blues and soft colors to depict and express nature with a more intuitive process approach to painting.  My abstract paintings typically evolve through building layers that often will start as an experiment of what is to come and end with a surprise of the unexpected shape, form or colors that happen. I don’t always know where my abstract paintings are going but when they are done there is usually a common thread of serene soft colors and a nod to nature . For the most part I want my viewers to feel the calmness and suggestions that I express in my abstract paintings. Lately I have more of a sense that making art is not only an expression of mine but that it can be a gift to anyone who enjoys the feelings they have when looking at my work.  

Whispering Heavens

Oil on Canvas

24" x 36"


Purple Haze

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 36"

unnamed (2).jpg

Above It All

Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 36"

purple haze 36 x 36 .png


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 40"

Above it all 2000pix 36_ x 36_ .jpeg

A New Day

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 72"

48 x 72  a new day 2   2000 pix jpeg.jpe

Cosmic Love

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 60"

cosmic blues 48  x60   2000 pix .jpeg

Playing the Blues

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

48" x 72"

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 5.40.43 AM.png

High Dessert

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 36"

High desert 36 x 36  2000 pixel .jpeg

Cloudy Dreams

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

30" x 40"

cloudy dreams  30 x 40  over 2000 pixel.
sea shore blues  .jpeg

Sea Shore Blues

Acrylic on Canvas

12" x 16"

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