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Rifa Tasfia Choudhury

Artist Statement:

I'm a Bangladeshi based visual artist, I have done my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. My art journey started since childhood i had art in my school years even in college. During my academic studies in fine arts I have learnt many new techniques but mostly that I favor a lot is the abstract and Experimental arts. I basically got better at my fourth year studies were mostly experimental drawings and paintings. That was literally my favorite classes in four years. After that during the quarantine and lockdown I started practicing everyday and still studying on how to create textures. I started participating in international exhibitions and open calls to build up my portfolio and get to know more artists and how they work. It's a great way of putting oneself out there as an Artist myself. I believe more people should fo this in order to get to know more about the art culture of different cultures, techniques and about people. My recent works are mainly focused on textures. And I love to experiment on canvas or paper surface with different colors and materials. Like mud, soil, spray paint, chalk powder or chalk paint, oil paint, acrylic paint etc anything that would create a heavy layer. Love working with layers as well. The heavier the better I would say. I don't really favor realistic paintings to me it's too perfect. Perfection in art is subjective to me. The rhythm in a painting is important, the flow of emotions and colors are important. I believe Art is never meant to be picture perfect. 

Inside the Core

Mixed Media on Paper

6" x 9"


Regions 2

6" x 9"


Blue Hues and Play

Mixed Media on Canvas

10" x 15"


The Virus 1

Mixed Media on Paper

6" x 9"


Oceania 2

Mixed Media on Canvas

12" x 12"


Potted Foundry

Acrylic on Paper

20" x 24"


Regions 1

6" x9"


The Virus 3

Mixed Media on Paper

6" x 9"



Mixed Media on Canvas

20" x 30"



Mixed Media on Canvas

12" x 26"

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