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Matt Boylson

Matt Boylson is a designer, photographer and illustrator from Cincinnati, Ohio. During his time as a student at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP), he studied a multidisciplinary curriculum, including Photography, which he continues to pursue as a passion. He now works as a brand designer for Newsy, a national news network, and continues to shoot photos and video in his free time. Clients include many Nashville artists. His go-to cameras are his Canon AE-1, his Pentax 6x7, and his large format Cambo Legend 4x5 camera. Matt is available for collaboration anywhere in the U.S. Please email or visit

Car Detail 1

Caddy on Broadway.jpg

Caddy on Broadway


My Bride-to-Be.jpg



Very Punk Rock

Very Punk Rock.jpg

Car Detail 2


Denver, CO

Denver, CO.jpg

Union Terminal Eclipse

Union Terminal Eclipse.JPG

Moth to Flame

Moth to the Flame.jpg

Role Models

Role Models.jpg

Road Trip Staple

Roadtrip Staple.jpg

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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