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Leticia Herrera



Mexican  Awarded Artist Leticia Herrera lives and works in McKinney, Texas.  She moved to the US to pursue her formal art education at LSU, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design in 1992.  After her degree she returned to her country and started working as a Creative Director during the day.  But in the evening, she worked at her home studio as a freelance artist, trying to explore her own creativity.

In 2001 Herrera launches her first solo art exhibition on the Regional Museum of  Queretaro. Same year she has her second show on the Contemporary Art Museum of Queretaro. In 2007 she immigrates to the USA with her only child and faces a number of obstacles that blocks her career as an artist.  But it was not until the death of one of her closest friends only several years ago, that she immersed herself in her painting, finding a renewed sense of joy and inspiration for her life. Herrera: “Life can finish in a second we should not wait to seek our dreams, or else they go away with life.”

Occasionally referencing figurative or landscape-like forms in her works, Herrera’s art defies simplistic labels and categorization, instead finding always a source of inspiration for her own personal search.

In over 25 years of painting, she has depicted a diverse amount of representations from the figurative, to the abstraction. No matter what is her stage or what are the surroundings of her experiences, there is something that she cares the most about: humanities’ inner world, feelings and sensations. She expresses that through color and texture in her abstract compositions and through stories of her magic surrealism portraits of imaginary moments.  She paints in series from the heart. In her latest work, “Walkers” she expresses that need of the inner search of humanity.


“I believe in the kindness of humanity. I believe that our diversity is what makes this world interesting. I consider myself an expanding artist because I believe we are always transforming.  My work walks with me and changes with me”


Mexican artist Leticia Herrera lives and works in McKinney Texas, where she has her studio/gallery.  Herrera has shown her work in several group and solo exhibitions and is an awarded artist. She  serves in the board of The Visual Arts Guild of Frisco.

Colorful Roots

Colorful Roots.jpeg


Herrera, Creation, Oil, 48__48_.jpeg

Stages of Life


Beauty of Light




Travelers of a Beautiful Mind

DSC_0026 2.jpeg

Dream Seekers

Dream Seekers.jpeg

Path to Happiness

Path to Happiness.jpeg

Children's Path to Hope

Herrera, Children's Path to Hope, Oil,30

Journey to the Pink Moon

Journey to the Pink Moon.jpeg

Travelers of the Blue Moon

Herrera_L_Travelers of the Blue Moon-Oil

Blue Souls


Infinite Dreams

Infinite dreams-58_47.jpeg
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