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Joetta Currie

Joetta Currie was born on a small farm in Kentucky. When she wasn’t shelling peas or feeding the chickens, you could find her drawing pictures for the outhouse wall. It wasn’t ideal gallery space, but it did provide a captive, even contemplative audience.


Joetta lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for several years after college. She opened a small studio and worked around the metroplex, taking as many art and film related opportunities as she could find, including: commercial print and voice over, production assistant, casting, photo styling, make-up artist, fine art services and graphic design for a variety of retail and commercial clients.


Currie moved to Rockwall, Texas in 1992 and opened ArtVentures® Studio, a facility offering art classes, workshops and creative services. For the next twenty-five years, she worked with children and adults to develop their talent and creative skills, while building her own body of work, in oil and mixed media.  A quote by Gurdon Woods is the cornerstone of ArtVentures® philosophy. Art is idea. It is not enough to draw, paint and sculpt. An artist should be able to think.


Of her own art, Currie states, “I’m in love with the process, whether it’s loose and unfettered, tightly rendered and realistic, bold and graphic, or juvenile and cartoonish, if I’m doing it, I love it.”


Currie discovered mosaic art in early 2008 and began creating “paintings” with stained glass, beads, wire and organic found objects. She was mesmerized by the mosaic process and diversity of colors and textures. Lately, she has created a series of “Foodie Art” with mosaic material.


“It’s just plain fun,” she states. “My favorite so far is my Blue Plate Special, with the runaway pea.”


A community arts activist, Currie served on the City of Rockwall’s Cultural Arts and Art in Public Places Commissions, was a founding director of The Rockwall County Alliance for the Arts, and served as President of The Rockwall Art League. As a Set Artist for Rockwall Community Playhouse, she volunteers countless hours helping to bring the stage to life for local audiences. 


Currie closed the ArtVentures® facility in 2012 to enjoy an early retirement with her husband, but continues to teach, write, create and promote the visual arts in her community. She works in the studio with her dog Sophie, making magic with paint and an occasional glass of sauvignon blanc.




JCurrie_Maysville .jpg

Eggy in a Basket

JCurrie_Eggy In A Basket.jpg

Landscape Boat


Lake House

JCurrie_Lake House.jpg


JCurrie Spaghetti .png

Blue Plate Special

JCurrie_BluePlate Special.jpg



Sunflower & Bee

JCurrie_Sunflower & Bee.JPG




JCurrie_ Koff.png

Blue Bowl

J_Currie_Blue Bowl_Mosaic_24x24_.jpg


JCurrie_mockingbird 17.jpg

Black Eyes: Bees

JCurrie.Black Eyes_Bees .png

Sunflower Grapevine

JCurrie_Sunflower Grapevine.jpg


JCurrie_Leichty (1).jpg
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