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Ji Young Kim

Hello. I am Chloe Kim. I am originally from South Korea and my Korean name is Ji young Kim. I started drawing when I was four years old. I love drawing and painting because it makes me feel very relaxed, happy and helps clean my mind. I always get inspired by nature whenever I see beautiful colors such as sunsets or flowers. It helps motivate me to keep striving to find the pleasant moments in my life. Painting can transform a person into something beyond their imagination.


About paintings


Colors are incredibly special to me. In my opinion colors have a lot of energy and power. For instance, we feel through looking at certain colors such as blue we are more comfortable, meanwhile, other colors such as reds give us energy. Sometimes we feel pleasant or refreshed after viewing colors of nature.  I feel the unlimited power of colors from nature. The colors found in nature are not simple colors. They are complex and constantly charming. Looking at colors makes me realize they have a greater power that exceeds the color itself. For example, I can feel an impression which cannot be explained in simple words when I see a sunset. When I see an early morning sky, I can remember my good memories from my childhood and experience a refreshing feeling. The colors which come from nature, give inspiration to me to do good.


A Midsummer Night's Dream / Hope Garden


Numerous times we easily remiss true beauty and wonder despite being together day by day. When we take a step back with interest, only then do these things truly speak to us in many ways. Many live without knowing what passes them by. Time forces them to live day by day without a moment of thought of their own lives, goals, and dreams. Dreams are always lost or left behind. Inner utopia is overshadowed and removed by reality. The separation of ‘Reality’ and ‘Utopia’ is brought to a crossroad through a motif of reality’s ‘Window’. Through peaceful rest by natural wonder, this piece brings a message of hope for these individuals. Nature’s natural colors frankly speak to us in many ways. The glow of the sunset…summer’s soft breeze…lovely wildflowers blossoming between the grass. All of these come to together to convey a natural wonder, peaceful rest, and hope of life.

One Autumn Night's Dream

160cm x 130cm

One autumn night's Dream 160cmx130cm 201

Hope Garden

100cm x 65cm

Hope Garden 100cmx65cm 2018 price 2500.j

Hope Garden

56cm x 45cm

Hope Garden 56cmx45cm 2018 1300.png


85cm x 54cm

Hope Garden 85cmx54cm 2018 price

Hope Garden

64cm x 84cm

Hope Garden 64cmx 84cm 2018 price 2500.j

Hope Garden

56cm x 45 cm

Hope Garden 56cmx45cm 2018 price1100.jpg

Hope Garden

30cm x 30cm

Hope Garden 30cmx30cm 2018 price 500.jpg

Hope Garden

56cm x 45cm

Hope Garden 56cmx45cm 2018 1300.jpg

Hope Garden

56cm x 45cm

Hope Garden 56cmx45 2020 price 1300.jpg
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