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Caroline Shaw Ometz

Nature, and the universe define the basis of my artwork.

"I am interested in understanding and painting reality. The rhythm of an apple, the color of air, the structure of an atom, the feelings of an event. I want to reveal the many layers of reality contained in the ordinary."

Artist Statement:

The Universe repeatedly uses the same patterns, shapes and rhythms to create galaxies, cells, humans and events.

With the recent Cosmos Series, I tried to capture the explosive nature of creation and chaos.

The “Finding Beauty in the Beast” collaboration with Dhruba Deb, a cancer researcher, I went micro to exploring the rhythms and patterns used to create and destroy life.

Because my eyes do not function normally, I showed that everyone sees the world differently with my book, Vision Askew that was included in a Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn.

From early childhood, I was aware of the world and events that I was born into.

The patterns and rhythms of worldly events inspire much of my work.

9-11 and the years after, the Covid intensely impacts me. I process through my art.

My latest series, Escaping 2020, using the circle and spiral was my way with dealing

With the cataclysmic changes experienced.

Maybe. Someday. My reactions to the 20th Century and the infancy of the 21st will be

Useful to future generations.




Caroline Shaw Ometz’ education includes graduate studies at SMU, University of Dallas And Art Student’s League. She has participated in Artist-In-Residences at the Vermont Art School, SMU Taos and at Mendocino Art Center. She maintained studios in Dallas Arts District, and The Continental Gin in Deep Ellum for 25 years.Her work has been shown nationally and Internationally in group and solo shows. The following list provides a sampling of the art instruction she has received from university level instructors and from other talented local and nationally known artists.

Drawing the Human Form: Ellen Soderquist; Gustav Rehberger/Arts Student League; Barneby Fitzgerald/SMU

Color Theory: Evelyn Baldwin/UTD; Dan Wingren/SMU; Robin Koch/SMU

Design: Dan Wingren/SMU

Printmaking Design: Juergin Strunck/Univ. of Dallas

Pastels: William Schultz; George Carlson; Dorothy Barta

Portrait: Kay Polk (oil and pastel)

Watercolor: Charles Reid, Robert Woods; Jane Jones; Bud Biggs

Cosmic Bayou

Cosmic Bayou.jpg

Cosmos Explosion

Cosmos Explosion.jpg

Cosmos One

Cosmos One.jpg

Chaos to Order

CS Ometz_Chaos to Order.jpg

Order to Chaos

CS Ometz_Order to Chaos.jpg

A Tear In Time

Events  A Tear In Time.jpg

She Is Coming

Events  She Is Coming.jpg


Events 1952.jpg

9 11

Events 9 11.jpg

Escaping 2021 February

Events Escaping 2021 February.jpg

Escaping 2021 June

Events Escaping 2021 June.jpg

Escaping 2021 November

Events Escaping 2021 November.jpg

Vision Askew Book

Vision Askew Book.jpg

Vision Askew Why

Vision Askew Why.jpg

Vision Askew

Vision Askew.jpg
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