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Clare Wuellner Solo Exhibition

I am a scientist by training and an artist at heart.  The two seemingly disparate fields—Science and Art—are perfect foils.  Understanding science has deepened my appreciation of living things.  The complexity and intricacy of living things, stoke my creativity and infuses my art with a deep sense of wonder.

I came to Being An Artist late in life.  A head injury in 2018 made holding a “normal” job untenable.  Fortunately for me, the head injury did not diminish my creativity and I have embraced a lifelong desire to be an artist as my new, full-time career. 

My fervent hope is that my art will delight you and change the way you look at trees and other living things. 

I live in Austin, Texas (since 2007) with my better half and our three nearly-fledged children in a house filled with love.




Ships' sails billow among the branches.


Contrast 2

I walk by these two trees often. They are opposites in so many ways, but when I'm feeling whimsical and sentimental, I like to imagine they are old friends. Pecan and Sycamore, growing old together.

Sycamore Blue 3k.jpg


I love capturing the play of light on sycamore trees. Their trunks have plates of neutral colors over cloud-white, papery think bark that catches and reflects light in surprising ways.



The colors of this work just delight me. When I look at it my retinas smile from ear-to-ear. Flourish? Both kinds. The thicket of branches certainly looks to be flourishing. And the flourish of color it's wearing is outstanding!



This tree's branches tended to curve up, but the individual twigs branched off at consistent 45 degree-ish angles so that they crossed each other, creating a layered chevron pattern.



This is one of my absolute favorites from the Tree Architecture Series. The twigs and branches of this tree form clear geometric shapes. The name of this beauty is a pun that my Dad would have surely loved.

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